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Baltimore cop Richard Pinheiro accidentally recorded himself planting drugs at a crime scene in January of this year. He was accompanied by two other cops (presumably the “good cops”) who did nothing to stop the criminal activity.

The body camera video shows the cop walking up to the crime scene, pulling out a bag of pills, putting the pills into a can he picked up from the crime scene, and then placing the can (along with the pills) back into the crime scene.

The cop then walks out to the street where we can see his hand come up to the camera in order to turn it on. With the camera now “on” the cop walks back to the crime scene, “finds” the drugs he planted and gets it all on tape as evidence.

Apparently, the cop forgot the camera constantly records and would include and save up to 30 seconds of video (no sound) before the cop actually turned the camera “on”.

The victim in this case was arrested and bail was set to $50,000, which the victim could not pay. As a result, the victim rotted in jail for seven months.

FOX Baltimore claims the video shows the police officer was tampering with evidence. This is true, but it is also true the cop had possession of illegal drugs, and so the same charges that were brought against the victim should now be brought against the cop, in addition to evidence tampering and any other applicable charges. Charges should also be brought against the other two cops for being accomplices to a crime.

Will justice be served? Only if all three cops go to jail for all laws broken and if the victim is reimbursed for his time spent in prison.

Fat chance.