March 1, 2015

Wayne County NY refuses to allow use of County Seal in SAFE Act Enforcement

November 27, 2013


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Wayne County New YorkOn Tuesday Nov 19 the Wayne County New York Board of Supervisors passed the following resolution, supported by Wayne County Sheriff Barry Virts and County Clerk Mike Jankowski.

Also the New York State Association of County Clerks unanimously passed the same resolution of the western region clerks.

Resolution denying the State of New York permission to use the Wayne County Seal and name in enforcement of the the so-called SAFE Act:

Whereas the State of New York has passed a gun control law referred to as the SAFE act, and…

Whereas this act clearly indicates that then enforcement of this law is the responsibility of New York State, and…

Whereas, in recent discussions the State has indicated an interest in using the Seal of Wayne County and the names of the offices of the Wayne County Sheriff and Wayne County Clerk in pistol permit recertification notices…

Wayne County NY refuses to allow use of County Seal in SAFE Act Enforcement [continued]


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