Why It’s Illegal To Braid Hair Without A License

By Jacob Goldstein

A few years ago, Jestina Clayton started a hair braiding business in her home in Centerville, Utah. The business let her stay home with her kids, and in good months, she made enough to pay for groceries. She even put an ad on a local website. Then one day she got an email from a stranger who had seen the ad.

“It is illegal in the state of Utah to do any form of extensions without a valid cosmetology license,” the e-mail read. “Please delete your ad, or you will be reported.”

To get a license, Jestina would have to spend more than a year in cosmetology school. Tuition would cost $16,000 dollars or more.

On today’s show: Why it’s illegal to braid hair without a license in Utah. And why that rule — and hundreds of others like it in states all around the country — are a disaster for the U.S. economy.

Source: npr.org


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  • albeit

    How idiotic. There’s no reason to require training for things as simple as that and that can’t possible do permanent damage. That’s right, you can simply undo a braid if you don’t like how its braided. Sort of how you can roll up a car window if you don’t like how a mechanic rolled it down. This is just pandering to those already working in the braiding “industry”.