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Will Cryptocurrencies succeed in their promise to replace the central bankers? Or will the central bankers wage war against cryptos and win?

If cryptocurrencies are the threat to central banks that many claim they are; it only makes sense that the banks will eventually try to control or even destroy cryptocurrencies as they exist today.

Institutional money is beginning to move into Bitcoin, and Bitcoin is still small enough to be vulnerable to their influence.

Will the elite first pump, then crash Bitcoin so they can use the crisis they created as an excuse to regulate and control all cryptocurrencies?

Some suggest that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are just a stepping stone to a larger plan to create a global digital currency controlled by the elite.

Others say Cryptos are the panacea to the war riddled world of the central bankers and their debt slavery that we have all been hoping to find.

What do you think?  Does a crypto-war loom on the horizon?  And who will win?