How to Combine Videos on Your iPhone?

Combining videos on your iPhone allows you to merge multiple memorable moments into one continuous video file. Whether using the native iMovie app or third-party software, the process is straightforward and user-friendly. Here’s your step-by-step guide on how to combine videos on your iPhone.

Step-by-Step Guide to Merging Videos on iPhone

  1. Install iMovie: If not already installed, download iMovie from the App Store—it’s free!
  2. Open iMovie and Start a New Project: Tap ‘Create Project’ then select ‘Movie’.
  3. Select Your Videos: Tap ‘Media’, then ‘Videos’, and finally ‘All’ to see all available videos.
  4. Choose Videos and Create Movie: Tap on the videos you wish to combine, add them to your project, and tap ‘Create Movie’.

Once you have arranged and edited your clips, tap ‘Done’ to save your video masterpiece.

Why Combine Videos on Your iPhone?

  • Creating a single file makes sharing easier and more enjoyable.
  • It allows you to tell a cohesive story, linking multiple events seamlessly.
  • Editing on your iPhone is convenient and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Your New Video Toolkit

Beyond iMovie, apps like Videoshop and FilmoraGo offer additional editing features. Whether you need basic merges or advanced effects, these tools have you covered.

Ready to Share Your Story?

After merging your videos, share your new creation with friends and family directly from the Photos app or via social media platforms. Happy editing and sharing!


Can I add music to my combined videos? Yes, both iMovie and third-party apps allow you to add music tracks to your videos.

What if I want to rearrange the clips? In iMovie, simply drag and drop the clips in the timeline to rearrange them.

Are there limitations to how many videos I can combine? No, you can combine as many clips as you like, but the more clips you have, the more memory the final video will use.

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