Washington State Police Chief Vows Zero Enforcement of Newly Passed Gun Controls

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January 1, 2018

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August 4, 2022

Yale shocker: 29.5 million illegal immigrants, 3X higher than Census number. The illegal immigrant population is as high as 29.5 million, far more than the 11 million accepted by experts and the government, according to an explosive new report from three Yale University experts. “Our results lead us to the conclusion that the widely accepted estimate of 11.3 million undocumented immigrants in the United States is too small. Our model estimates indicate that the true … [Read More…]

Judge hands CNN a victory in its bid to restore Jim Acosta’s White House press pass. A federal judge on Friday ruled in favor of CNN and reporter Jim Acosta in a dispute with President Trump, ordering the White House to temporarily restore the press credentials that the administration had taken away from Acosta last week. In a victory for the cable network and for press access generally, U.S. District Judge Timothy J. Kelly granted CNN’s motion for a temporary restraining order … [Read More…]

World’s First Lesbian Bishop Calls for Church to Remove Crosses, to Install Muslim Prayer Space. The Bishop of Stockholm has proposed a church in her diocese remove all signs of the cross and put down markings showing the direction to Mecca for the benefit of Muslim worshippers. Eva Brunne, who was made the world’s first openly lesbian bishop by the church of Sweden in 2009, and has a young son with her wife and fellow lesbian priest Gunilla Linden, made the suggestion to make those of … [Read More…]

Swalwell Warns Gun Owners: Government Could Nuke Them If They Don’t Comply With Potential Gun Ban. Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell suggested on Friday that the U.S. government could use nuclear weapons on its own citizens if they fight back against firearm confiscation. (RELATED: Eric Swalwell Unloads Gun Platform Liberals Really Want) Right-wing internet personality Joe Biggs tweeted at Swalwell in response to a May report that Swalwell wants to ban “military-style semiautomatic … [Read More…]

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