How to Watch Movies on Telegram

Watching movies on Telegram can sometimes be frustrating due to Terabox links. With the advancement of OTT streaming, Telegram has become the go-to platform for users who can’t afford or don’t want to pay for different OTT subscriptions like Netflix and Amazon Prime. In this article, we’ll show you two simple methods to enjoy your favorite films without any hassle. The first method involves using a Telegram bot, while the second one uses your computer.

Why Are Terabox Links Common on Telegram?

Many Telegram channels and groups share Terabox links to monetize copyrighted movies and web series. Telegram doesn’t pay for uploaded videos, and channels sharing copyrighted content risk getting blocked. Therefore, Terabox links are used as a workaround to earn money, despite being annoying for viewers. Additionally, various Telegram channels upload the latest movies and series within seconds of their launch on their respective platforms, making it a popular choice for those unable to find their favorite content elsewhere.

Using a Telegram Bot

One effective way to avoid Terabox links is by using a Telegram bot. Bots on Telegram can directly find and send you downloadable files for the movies or series you want. One such useful bot is the Rexie Cat bot. Streaming Telegram videos without downloading them using a bot is straightforward and preferred by expert users. Here’s how to use it:

1Add the Rexie Cat bot to your Telegram account.
2Click START.
3Send the name of your movie or web series.
4Receive direct download links from the bot.
5Join the channel as instructed.
6Get the download link and enjoy your video.

Simply send the movie or series name to the Rexie Cat bot, and it will reply with direct download links. This way, you can avoid the Terabox links and download your desired content directly. Another bot, the Direct Link Generator, can also be used similarly. Forward the desired video link to the Direct Link Generator channel, which will then provide an online streaming link for the video.

Using Your Computer

If you have a computer, you can easily watch Telegram videos without downloading the Terabox app. Just paste the Terabox link into your browser and start watching. This method doesn’t require any downloads and works seamlessly on desktop browsers. You can also use media players like VLC or MX Player to stream videos directly by pasting the link in the network stream option.

While desktop mode in Google Chrome on Android devices might not work, watching videos on a laptop or desktop should be smooth. However, be cautious as Terabox links can sometimes contain inappropriate content. Alternatively, third-party applications like Telegram Player can help stream Telegram videos without downloading, although the first method using a bot is more direct and reliable.


In conclusion, watching movies on Telegram without dealing with Terabox links is quite simple. Use the Rexie Cat bot to get direct download links or your computer to watch videos in a browser. These methods ensure you can enjoy your favorite movies without any hassle. Try these tips to see how to watch movies on Telegram with ease.

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