Need to Block YouTube on Your iPhone?

Do you find yourself or your kids spending too much time on YouTube? Whether it’s to minimize distractions or manage what content children are accessing, blocking YouTube on your iPhone can be essential. Here’s how you can take control using your device’s settings.

Start with Screen Time

The easiest method to block YouTube on your iPhone is through Screen Time. Simply navigate to ‘Settings’ > ‘Screen Time’ and tap on ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions’. Activate these restrictions if they aren’t already enabled. Under ‘Allowed Apps’, select YouTube and toggle it off to prevent access from the home screen.

Modify Web Content Settings

If removing the app isn’t enough, modify your web content settings to block YouTube via Safari and other browsers. Go to ‘Content Restrictions’ within the Screen Time settings and choose ‘Web Content’. Opt for ‘Limit Adult Websites’ and add YouTube to the ‘Never Allow’ list. This setting helps ensure that YouTube cannot be accessed even through a browser.

Advanced Blocking Techniques

For those looking for a more robust solution, consider DNS settings adjustments. By setting up a DNS filter, you can block YouTube across all devices connected to your network, not just your iPhone. This approach is particularly effective if you want to control several devices at once.

Set Specific Access Times

You don’t have to block YouTube all the time. Consider using Screen Time to set specific periods during the day when YouTube is inaccessible, allowing flexibility according to your daily schedule. This method is excellent for managing screen time without completely eliminating access.

Use App Blocklists and DNS Content Policies

Combine parental control features and DNS content policies to enhance your blocking strategies. By creating app blocklists or using scheduled DNS rules, you ensure that YouTube access is restricted according to your specific needs.

How to Ensure YouTube Stays Blocked

To make sure your restrictions stick, lock the ability to install apps from the App Store by setting ‘Installing Apps’ to ‘Don’t Allow’. This step is crucial to prevent the reinstallation of the YouTube app without your approval.

Manage Device Supervision

Supervising your device allows for deeper control and customizations of restrictions. If you’re technically inclined, device supervision can help implement more stringent controls over what can be installed or accessed.

Wrapping Up: A Smarter Way to Manage YouTube

Blocking YouTube on your iPhone can lead to better focus and productivity or more controlled content consumption for kids. By understanding and utilizing these tools effectively, you can tailor device usage that aligns with your lifestyle or parenting goals.


Can I block YouTube on all my devices?

Yes, using DNS settings to filter content or parental controls can block YouTube across multiple devices.

Is it possible to set a timer for YouTube usage?

Yes, you can set app limits through Screen Time on your iPhone to restrict the daily use of YouTube.

What if YouTube is accessed through a browser?

You can block access to YouTube in all browsers by adding it to the ‘Never Allow’ list under ‘Limit Adult Websites’ in Screen Time settings.

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