Alarm Setup on iPhone – Quick Guide

How to set an alarm on your iPhone could not be simpler, and ensuring you’re punctual for your daily activities is crucial. Whether it’s for waking up early for a workout or ensuring you don’t miss an important meeting, your iPhone is here to help.

Initial Setup

Begin by opening the Clock app on your iPhone. Tap on the ‘Alarm’ tab at the bottom of the screen. If it’s your first time, you’ll see a ‘+’ sign at the top right corner—tap this to add a new alarm.

Configuring Your Alarm

After tapping the ‘+’, a time selector pops up. Here, you can swipe up or down to choose the specific hours and minutes. Next, you have the option to repeat the alarm on selected days, useful for consistent schedules. Don’t forget to tap ‘Save’ to secure your settings!

Advanced Options

For a more personalized alarm experience, you can label your alarm to remind you of its purpose, like ‘Gym Time’ or ‘Daily Meeting’. Also, you have a plethora of sounds to choose from, or even pick a song from your music library to wake up to a tune of your choice.

Managing Existing Alarms

Need to adjust or delete an alarm? Simply swipe left on the alarm you wish to modify and tap ‘Edit’. Here, you can change the time, sound, and label. To delete, tap the red icon.

Setting Volume and Sound

It’s easy to adjust the alarm volume in the ‘Sounds & Haptics’ section under settings. Drag the slider to your preferred volume. The alarm will sound even if your phone is on silent, but make sure it’s not set to ‘None’.

Final Thoughts on Alarm Setup

With your iPhone, oversleeping or missing an important task can be a thing of the past. Set your alarm following these steps, and you’re ready to go!


  • Can I set a custom song as my alarm sound? Yes, in the sound settings, choose ‘Pick a Song’ to select any song from your music library as the alarm sound.
  • What happens if my iPhone is in silent mode? The alarm sound will still play as set, ensuring you never miss it.

Alarm Setup Table

Add AlarmTap ‘+’ to add a new alarm.
Edit AlarmSwipe left and tap ‘Edit’ to modify.
Delete AlarmSwipe left and tap ‘Delete’ to remove.
Alarm SoundChoose a sound or song as your alarm tone.
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