Record Chromebook Screen Easily

How to screen record on a Chromebook starts by utilizing the device’s built-in screen recording feature, accessible through a few simple steps.

Accessing Screen Recording on Chromebooks

Chromebooks come equipped with a convenient screen recording function, making capturing video content straightforward.

Using the Keyboard Shortcut

Press the dedicated screenshot key on your Chromebook’s keyboard to begin. You will find three options for recording your screen:

  • Record the full screen
  • Record a selected portion of the screen
  • Record a specific window

Choose your preferred method and initiate the recording with just a click.

Through the System Tray

Another pathway to screen recording is through the system tray. Simply open the screen capture menu and select the recording mode that suits your needs.

Step-by-Step Recording Guide

1Open Screen RecordingUse the keyboard shortcut or system tray.
2Select Recording TypeChoose from full screen, partial, or window.
3Start RecordingClick to start after selecting the area or window.
4End RecordingStop the recording through the task bar.

After finishing, the recording will be saved automatically in the Videos folder, accessible through the Files app.

Your Guide to Capturing Every Moment

With your Chromebook, capturing high-quality screen recordings is simple, whether it’s for tutorials, presentations, or personal notes.

Helpful Tips for Efficient Recording

For enhanced audio, activate the microphone setting in the screen recording options to include sound in your videos.

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