How to Reverse a Video on iPhone

To ensure you enjoy videos to their fullest, it’s crucial to view them in the right way. Landscape mode enhances accessibility when viewing videos on your iPhone. Here is a step-by-step guide to rotating videos using the Photos app and iMovie on your iPhone and iPad.

Rotate Videos Using the Photos App

  1. Launch the Photos app and find the video you wish to rotate.
  2. Select “Edit,” followed by “Crop.”
  3. Each tap on the “Rotate” icon on the left alters the video’s orientation from portrait to landscape.
  4. Select “Done” to finalize the video in landscape orientation.

Rotate Videos on iPhone Using iMovie

iMovie, developed by Apple, Inc., is a robust video editing tool available on both Mac and iOS devices. It provides numerous features for creating impressive videos, including reversing videos for a creative effect.

  1. Install and open the iMovie app on your iPhone. If it’s not already installed, get it from the App Store.
  2. Choose “Create Project,” then “Movie.”
  3. Pick the video you wish to edit and adjust its orientation.
  4. Choose “Create Movie” and rotate the video anti-clockwise with two fingers. Select “Done.”
  5. Under the “Share” menu, choose “Save Video” and select the export size.
  6. Find your rotated video in your Photo Library.

Reversing a Video on iPhone Using iMovie

  1. Start the iMovie app on your iPhone.
  2. Begin a new project by selecting the plus sign in the top left corner and choosing “Movie.”
  3. Add the video you intend to reverse by tapping “Import Media” and selecting the video from your camera roll.
  4. Place your video on the timeline by dragging it there.
  5. Click on the video clip in the timeline to choose it.
  6. Open the video editing menu by selecting “Edit.”
  7. Choose the “Speed” setting from the editing menu.
  8. Decrease the speed by sliding the control to the left until it shows “-1x” to reverse the video.
  9. Save your edited video by tapping “Done” in the upper left corner.

Export Sizes and Tips

Export SizeResolution
1080p1920 x 1080
720p1280 x 720
540p960 x 540

Final Thoughts

Follow these simple steps to smoothly reverse a video on your iPhone. Staying current with editing techniques is crucial for video enthusiasts. We welcome your comments below. Continue editing and exploring your creativity!


Can I reverse a video on iMovie for Mac? Indeed, iMovie provides this feature on both Mac and iOS platforms.

Can I reverse only a part of the video? Certainly, you can use the split tool to divide the video and reverse just the section you choose.

Does iMovie reduce the video quality when I reverse it? iMovie maintains the video quality when reversing footage.

Can I add music to my reversed video on iMovie? iMovie offers extensive options for adding music and sound effects to your videos.

Is iMovie free to use? iMovie comes pre-installed and free on all iOS devices.

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